Thursday, July 8, 2010

There's Light....Isn't There??

My husband will be here in ONE week! Does he have his passport? NO! Is there any sign of hope that he will? NO! Am I remaining optimistic? YES!

Here's a little summary of my summer vacation and our time here without him:

8 dentist visits
5 trips to the Chiropractor
1 emergency room visit via ambulance
3 appointments with the Pediatrician
3 trips to Tx Children's for an EKG and a 24 hr. heart holster
1 appointment with a pediatric Cardiologist
2 appointments with the Dermatologist
4 trips to the Pediatric Orthopedist
1 orthopedic surgery

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few! And there are still more to come!

So when thinking of a title for this post, here are a few that came to mind:

~Just Keep Swimming
~Thank God I'm Insured
~Stop By for Lemonade...I have plenty!
~DRAMA Queen
~My Voicemail Greeting states my Group #
~Accidentally Took Carter to the Dentist for an Arm x-ray

*I don't ask for too much (hmm, some would disagree) but I have a small request. Please say a little prayer for my 3 kiddos as they are each facing "obstacles". And say another little prayer for Craig. Pray that he gets his passport and makes his flight next Thursday night! He's missing his family and quite frankly, we'd really like to have him here! Sank You!

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  1. This, too, shall pass and remember that when folks say "What kind of GOD does this?"..just smile and remember and tell them..."An awesome GOD who has a better plan in mind"

    Love you....Aunt Nancy